Letter from Ruth Walter, Westchester County Legislator

Dear Armour Villa,

As we all adjust to the realities of COVID-19, some very important facts emerge.

1) Flexible government that is connected to the realities of life in the district is vital at this time. No one under the age of 100 has lived through a worldwide pandemic before and this feels like reading the manual while flying the plane. More questions than answers remain—is there long term damage to the lungs of recovered patients? Can you be reinfected with COVID? Are children at risk? Super-spreaders, flattening the curve, aerosolized droplets: We have all been in class learning more about viruses and epidemiology than we ever imagined in late 2019. We all would like the economy reopened, but we cannot risk a second wave with reckless disregard. The pandemic isn’t over yet.

2) People are hurting. Right now food pantries are working overtime to keep Westchesterites from going hungry, children are struggling to complete their schoolwork remotely, staying indoors increases loneliness and depression. It is my job to help connect constituents to those resources, both individually and with mailings and social media.

3) Elected officials that work with all levels of state, local and national government produce the best results. As the newly-elected County Legislator representing the Armor Villa neighborhood, it has been my honor to work with State Senator Shelley Mayer, Mayor Mike Spano and Congressman Eliot Engel to find solutions to our collective problems.

I can’t praise County Executive George Latimer enough for his openness, responsiveness and sheer willpower in moving Westchester through this time. Our County communications team generates timely, up-to-date information for residents looking for answers. Please send any questions you have to [email protected] and I will send you our newsletter. You can also find us on social media. Together we will overcome this difficult time, and together we will shape the new normal with classic New York resilience and innovation.

Ruth Walter

Ruth Walter
Westchester County Legislator
District 15
Yonkers and Bronxville
(914) 995-2830
(914) 771-0654 (cell)

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