Miracles Do Happen

I happened to be visiting our friends Richard and Tanyi,
co-owners of La Hacienda to talk about our upcoming
picnic. This was at 8pm on a Saturday night. Little did I
know that only two hours later as Richard was closing
up the store, he suffered a major cardiac event and his
heart stopped beating. Fortunately, Tanyi applied chest
compressions until the rescue team from our own
Squad 11 arrived to take over and were able to get his
heart going again. Unfortunately, his heart stopped yet
again in transit to the hospital and the net result was
that he suffered significant neurological deprivation.
Noone was sure if he would survive the night but in fact
he held on as they intubated him and then through a
harrowing number of days in the intensive cardiac care

unit. We are delighted to report that against all odds,
Richard not only survived but is on his way to recovery.
He has a long way to go but he is back at La Hacienda on
a limited basis because it is what he wanted. His entire
family stepped into the crisis to keep La Hacienda going
strong and now we are all looking forward to having
them back with us at our picnic on June 10. I know I
speak for the entire La Hacienda family in expressing
our admiration and deep appreciation for heroic team
from Squad 11 who made the difference once again
between life and death for one of our favorite people.
We will be honoring the squad and the individuals who
came to Richard’s rescue during a special presentation
during the picnic.