Neighborhood Naturally Occurring
Retirement Community

The Yonkers NNORC launched in late January 2020 at the Grinton Will Library to provide a wide range of activities and services to seniors 60+ in Northeast Yonkers to help them stay active both mentally and physically in the community they love. Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS) and the City of Yonkers Office for the Aging have been awarded a New York State Office for the Aging NNORC grant to help coordinate these services. There is no income requirement for our services but there is a suggestion for donations that could assist in some services. 

During COVID-19, our services are provided virtually within the New York State guidelines. Our team continues to reach out to seniors with the services they need including Healthcare Assistance. Our NNORC programs have been made possible by our strong relationships with its partners: The Yonkers Public Library has been offering virtual Meditation Chair Yoga and Bingo through Zoom; Dr. Heptulla from Millennium Medical and Rehab has been leading the Meditation Chair Yoga; and the Department of Senior Programs and Services (DSPS) offers a speaker series with New York Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital discussing health and wellness topics—“TIPS at Home,” which is intended to help keep seniors safe by measuring heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood.

Seniors need assistance with technology in order to take part in these virtual programs so NNORC reaches out to another partner, YPIE (Yonkers Partners In Education), to offer support. This helps seniors stay connected to their families and relieves feelings of isolation. This Intergenerational Program consists of high school students volunteers. The NNORC offers seniors the opportunity to give back to by offering opportunities as a literacy mentor with JCY Westchester Community Partners, a division of FSSY. Along with this wide
range of programs we have also provided “Potting on Lettuce,” a gardening video for seniors at home or restricted to certain physical movements. To view this video as well as a list of virtual places to visit, go to yonkersny.gov and click on the link for the Yonkers Office for the Aging website link: Staying Connected While At Home.

Due to COVID-19, the Yonkers Office for the Aging expanded their Home-Delivered Meals Program and has delivered over 25,000 meals and over 10,000 pantry items to seniors all over Yonkers. More information has also been posted about places that deliver groceries and medications for those interested.

For further information about the Yonkers NNORC programs and how we can assist: Contact Sally Pinto
(914) 391-1323 [email protected]
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