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Letter from the President

The Association will be sprucing up the Armour Villa Garden, bringing a burst of color to brighten up the daily commute. Spring also means gearing up for the Association’s two big events: our popular Wine & Cheese Party and our annual Picnic. Both of these events are major undertakings and require time, effort, and planning on the part of our board members and dedicated volunteers. While all of this is going on, the Association is meeting with other community leaders and local government officials to insure our voice is heard, our roads repaired, and our property values protected.

None of this is possible without the support of you, our neighbors.

- Steve Wagner, 

Road Conditions Meeting

037On March 9th, the Armour Villa Association hosted an informational meeting at West Center Church regarding the state of road repairs in our area, specifically the deterioration at the north end of Parkview Avenue. President Steve Wagner introduced City Engineer Paul Summerfield, representatives from both the Yonkers Department of Public Works and Engineering, Dan Crowley from Mike Breen’s office, and ET Theotokatos, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services.

The audience represented a good cross section of folks from the Armour Villa community. The meeting was in response to Steve’s work with Mike Breen’s office to identify our problem streets and address residents’ letters to the city about the perilous condition of Parkview Avenue. Mike Breen’s office subsequently put Parkview Avenue back on the list of roads scheduled for re-milling and re-paving. (It had temporarily been removed from the list due to an underlying drainage issue that would require such extensive remediation that it would undermine any temporary fix.)

Paul Summerfield spoke at great length about the challenges we face. Parkview Avenue is pitched west with a high crown in the middle, so water pools on the road surface rather than running off east toward the Bronx River. Complicating the problem is the fact that Parkview’s east side belongs to Westchester County and is part of the Bronx River Reservation area, a highly sensitive tract of real estate that is the first, and now historic, motor parkway in the United States. The recurring flooding from the Bronx River undermines both the roadway and some of the surrounding homes. On Parkview’s west side there are some steep slopes with private roads above the street so the city cannot perform remediation to the flow of water coming off those hills.

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Airbnb: one size does not fit all

AirbnbAirbnb offers lots of potential benefits to renters and boarders alike. But what started out as a mom-and-pop business - a way for travelers to find more diversity in short-stay options and perhaps even a more cozy away-from-home environment - seems to have morphed into a multinational corporate model that can sometimes trample the rights of the neighbors of Airbnb renters and even whole cities.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a rabid anti-Airbnb opponent. In fact, many of my personal friends make use of the service and love it. But it has its drawbacks, and it is worth being aware of them.

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