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Letter from the President

It’s Fall, which means parents in Armour Villa are sending their kids back to school. For many of them, however, the question has been (and may still be) where they are going to send their children since our local public school, DiChiaro, is filled to capacity? DiChiaro has a 500 student waiting list for a school that has a capacity of 700. Nothing could make a better case for local school access than that figure. The current balloting system for school selection is cumbersome and lacks transparency.

Solutions must start with communities like Armour Villa. We must encourage our elected representatives to work with us to find ways to give our kids quality education right in their own community. In an age when most families have two working spouses, often with different schedules, local school access is not a luxury - it is essential. Failure threatens to erode the very tax base on which Yonkers depends. High housing costs cause many seniors to consider downsizing to communities with lower taxes than ours, and our higher tax dollars should enable new young families to move into Armour Villa or remain in here so their kids can attend a good public school.

- Steve Wagner, 

Selling Points

JoeHOn October 21st, Joe Houlihan, of Houlihan O’Malley Real Estate, held the second in a series of real estate seminars for Armour Villians. This time his topic was “How to Prep Your House for Sale.” He gave lots of helpful tips, such as making small upgrades and repairs beforehand will give you a leg up when it comes time to sell, and de-cluttering your interior makes a great visual impression to buyers. He emphasized that future owners need to imagine themselves fitting into your home, not into your lifestyle.
A good crowd attended Joe’s lecture and people were not shy about voicing their concerns, which ranged from how to deal with flooding in backyards to property lines. The overriding concern, however, was the dreaded possibility of buried oil tanks.
Joe stressed that it was critical to take care of as many things as possible long before you even put your house on the market. It lowers your stress level because selling one’s home is an emotional experience. You’ll have to spend some money at first, but you will get it back in the sale price.

School Choice in Yonkers

schoolSchool Choice in Yonkers - What it Means for You!
Yonkers Public Schools utilize a School Choice Process, meaning students from all over the city have the opportunity to attend any school within the district. However, there are two types of preference given to applicants--sibling and attendance zone. If a sibling is already enrolled in DiChiaro, a brother or sister living in the same household would get first preference. Secondly, DiChiaro is one of the schools considered to have an “attendance zone”. Students living within the attendance zone would get second preference. Therefore, Armour Villa families fall into this category. For more detailed information on this process and a catalog of schools, please visit

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